Tuesday, October 23, 2012

20 Fantastic Pictures of Birds Flying

Nature is never an old subject when it comes to photography. It’s constantly changing, moving, and it’s hard to duplicate it’s natural beauty in the manmade world. Birds in particular are very beautiful, especially inflight. Usually it takes a fast shutter speed, telephoto lens, and some great focusing techniques to catch them just right. Then again, sometimes it just takes pointing whatever you have in your hands and hoping it turns out. Here are 20 fantastic pictures of birds flying that turned out great.

Eagles have very long, large wings, a short neck, and legs short enough to tuck into their belly feathers while aloft, except when they’re fishing. Their wings are long and wide enough to carry their own body weight plus the weight of most of the fish that they carry. When eagles are flying long distances, especially on migration, they often soar on thermals until they reach a great altitude, and then use the gliding/soaring method of flying to cover the longest distance using the smallest amount of energy.

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