Friday, July 13, 2012

289 Womens hairstyles PSD Templates

Great collection of 289 Women's hairstyles PSD Templates, you can see some 
samples on the screenshot. There are 8 psd files, 36 Women's hairstyles in 
each, with layers. 3150х4724 px , 300 - 400 dpi.

Format: psd (adobe photoshop)
Size: 78 mb
Theme: hairstyle templates, psd

Download 289 Womens hairstyles PSD Templates:

PSD Various woman hairstyles
PSD | 2462×2953 | 22 Mb

Women Hairstyles Templates

Woman Hair Style [Photo Stock]

Women Hair SS [Photo Stock]
8 HQ SS Jpeg 56 Mb Rapidshare & DF

Perfect Logos

Frames For Photoshop 1.2

Frames For Photoshop 1.3

Frames For Photoshop 1.4

Frames For Photoshop 1.5

Frames For Photoshop 1.6

Frames For Photoshop 1.7

Frames For Photoshop 1.8

Frames For Photoshop 1.9

frames for photoshop «Girl and flowers»6 pieces PSD 1772*1181 300dpi 45.4 mb

letitbit up-file rapidshare

Gold, Silver and Bling Bling Photoshop Styles + Actions

Gold, Silver & Bling Bling Photoshop Styles + Actions
Styles + Actions 5 Mb

LetitBit Link:Click to Download
Uploading Link:Click to Download

PhotoShop Actions - Best Collection for Designers

900 PhotoShop Actions - Best Collection for Designers 40 Mb
LetitBit Link:
Uploading Link:

FinesseFX Vignettes-Actions for Photoshop

FinesseFX Vignettes-Actions for Photoshop l 2,63MB
Create beautiful and professional vignettes for your images quickly and easily with the FinesseFX Vignette Set! This comprehensive set was designed to allow photographers to apply a variety of vignettes very quickly while still allowing a high level of customization within each effect.
Included with this package are two sets of actions, instructions, and a few custom shapes. The first set of actions is for Photoshop CS and above (with the exception of the "Shape blur" actions, which are CS2 and higher). The second set was designed specifically for Photoshop CS3, and allows even more creative freedom after the actions are finished by incorporating the use of Smart Filters!

X3 Digital Extrems Actions

X3 Digital Extrems Actions l 1.37 MB

Action Collection

Action Collection l 250 atn l 16,81 MB


e-Cover Photoshop Action

e-Cover Photoshop Action l 1 ATN File l 1.15 MBThe eCover Photoshop eCover Action Script is the latest and most sophisticated technology that makes creating your very own e-book covers and designs easy, fast, and fun for all design skill levels.

Photoshop Action - Big Picture

Photoshop Action l 1.45 MB

Photoshop Actions-TextEffects

1,5 MB

Wings Brushes

HQ Foliage Brushes Set

HQ Foliage Brushes Set
102 HQ Brushes abr 12 Mb

Nice Psd template 1.5

Nice Psd template(16)
3 PSD 300 dpi 3340x3414 3150x1181 2362x1378 62.63 mb


Nice Psd template 1.6

Nice Psd template(14)
2 PSD 300 dpi 3500x2300 2551x3402 90.9 mb


Nice Psd template 1.7

Nice Psd template(13)
3 PSD 300 dpi 3872x2568 4134x2894 4134x2894 127.56 mb


Nice Psd template 1.8

Nice PSD Template (7)
4 PSD 300 dpi 4724x2717 2480x3322 2000x1500 1893x3000 100 MB

Nice Psd template 1.9

Nice PSD Template (6)
4 PSD 300 dpi 4432x3543 5056x3251 2480x3508 3836x3150 160 MB

Nice Psd template 1.10

Nice PSD Template (5)
3 PSD 300 dpi 5315x3543 3437x2551 3500x2300 103 mb

Nice Psd template 1.12

Nice Psd template 1.13

Nice Psd template 1.11

PSD Templates - Fruit Spring

PSD Templates - Fruit Spring PSD 3307x8800 300 dpi 105,5 MB

PSD Templates - Spring Has Come

PSD Templates - Spring Has Come 3 PSD ~3500x2300 300 dpi 127,8 MB

PSD Templates - Travel

PSD Templates - Cosmetics 3

PSD Templates - Cosmetics 3 4 PSD max 4700x3100 300 dpi 74,5 MB

PSD Templates - Children

PSD Templates - Children 3 PSD max 2362x1722 600 dpi 19,3 MB

WaterDrops PSD

WaterDrops PSD 93 PSD 2480X3543X24 & 1470X1470X24 & 591X591X24 179.21 Mb

PSD Template "Girl on a Horse"

PSD Template "Girl on a Horse"
PSD 1384x1795 7.56 Mb

PSD Templates - Sea

PSD Templates - Education 1.1

PSD Templates - Education

Frames For Photoshop 1.11

Soft Toys Collection - PNG File for Photoshop

141 PNG - 3 PSD / 500*375,1950*2500 / 72dpi / 165mb

Frames For Photoshop - Love - Part 1

frames for photoshop «Love,part 2»
4 pieces PSD 1772*1181 300dpi 36,23 mb

Mix Vector

4 EPS + JPG Preview 5 mb

Vector Element

Vector Element
1 AI + JPG Preview 9 mb
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