Monday, June 4, 2012

Elliott Erwitt photographs

I thought I’d make a small break in the self-portrait painting series, otherwise it may get a bit boring. My next post in that series will be on Pablo Picasso, bringing it well into the C20th. 
Meantime, here’s a great series of photographs from American documentary photo-journalist Elliot Erwitt. 
With a touch of humour and an eye for the humane, Erwitt's black and white photographs reveal the most basic and candid human emotions. He developed his vision during the post-war era, and has captured many of life's most poignant ironies through an amusing vernacular. Born in Paris in 1928 and raised in California and New York, Erwitt has pursued a photographic career in journalism, fashion, and advertising. His personal work has been published in countless monographs, and he has been a member of the prestigious Magnum agency since 1953. His photographs are collected and exhibited in museums around the world including the Museum of Modern Art New York, the Smithsonian Institution Washington, the Art Institute of Chicago and Kunsthaus Zurich.

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